Wednesday, December 14, 2022

Christmas in Space (2)

Thanks for all the suggestions for a playlist with songs about Christmas, set in space. Idea instigated by this blog. First post on this HERE.
In this post, a selection of your recommendations. Spotify playlist HERE.

Not on Spotify, alas, but spacaliciously great:
What a cosmic country gem this is (also on Bandcamp):
It's loud, it's fast, it's a rocket:
The Gods of Christmas Music and their two cents:
Cosmic rockabilly:
Beach Boys-ian harmonies! Surf's up:
Celebrating Christmas on a far away planet, enslaved by robots:
Guardians of the Galaxy! Old 97s bring a wonderful ode to Xmas up there:
Christmas on Venus, Mars, the moon, it's nothing like visiting Uranus:
Well I know that on Earth it is Christmas now/But in space time goes by so slow
That's what was missing, upbeat punk:

Ah yes, lo-fi indie surfer rock (or something):
Of course, CAGG isn't the first Christmas blog that rounds up space themed Xmas songs. Frosty made this playlist, and via twitter I got this tip.