Monday, December 05, 2022

Short Cuts

Tom Helsen, the Belgian singer-songwriter with probably the most emotional singing voice of the Lowlands, made a Christmas song. It's a duet, and it's just lovely. Tom Helsen & Janne Blommaert sang this duet earlier.

On December 9, the new Kristian Noel Pedersen Christmas album comes out. It's a concept album, all songs are about the career of one Saul McCartney.
It's 'a Christmas-themed concept album through the eyes of Saul McCartney, an alternate-universe pop star from the late ‘60s, who is boldly venturing out to fashion a new solo career.' This is the first single:

A highlight on a so-so compilation with mostly covers, this version of alt Xmas classic Space Christmas by Allo Darlin:

From 1980, this year on Bandcamp, this great track from Boston rock band The Stompers. What a gem!

Not sure about the status of this song, it sounds like a demo. It's absolutely gorgeous, an intense piano ballad by British band The Howl & the Hum:
Also from Britain, and just jingle-janglin' marvellous, this Christmas story from boy/girl duetting band Goodnight Berlin, set 'onboard Birmingham's iconic number 50 bus route one snowy Christmas Eve after some last minute shopping and a trip to the German market for a bratwurst and some merriment.'
Speaking of Britain, CAGG-regulars The Bird and the Bee made this ode to Queen Elizabeth II (rip):