Friday, December 16, 2022

Short Cuts

An update of memorable, mentionable and/or magnificent Christmas releases:

The Ho! Ho! Ho! Canada compilation is usually a highlight this Xmas music season, and 'tis so this year. It's got (usually) Kristian Noel Pederson on it, who was in darn fine form this year, it has The Burning Hell (sounds like black metal, is in fact a indie rock band in darn fine form too) and this short, sublime song. It's Name Your Price on Bandcamp. Read more HERE.
Seattle's Ben Zaidi isn't particularly joyous about the season: Christmas tree, why did they take you out the woods/And put you here, dying in front of us, he sings, hushed, with hushed music too. If your Xmas Mix still needs that extra depressed push (it's a good song!):
Reindeer Tribe is a staple on this blog. Last year's album had a northern soul-ish feeling, this year the 16 songs have a distinct country touch - fiddles 'n all. And religious touches, too.
An album you will NEVER find in round ups like THESE, which honestly is a shame: why can't an electronically bended and twisted bagpipes-Xmas album be a highlight of the seaons, we ask? It's loud, it's bonkers, it's danceable, it's made in New Delhi, India (apparently), so there's a distinct Indian twist to this too:
Amsterdam's own Ro Halfhide was featured earlier on this blog, he just released a 90s tinged Xmas track (with help from Gerhardt), a song about the warmest place of the year: