Saturday, December 03, 2022

Elliott BROOD

Elliott BROOD, as you spell it, is a Canadian trio, 'doing it the hard way for 20 years', as their bio states. They play festive, countrified music, their big hit sounds like a variation on John Denver's 'Thank God I'm a country boy'. They also cover a lot of songs, ranging from Del Shannon's Runaway to Dylan to the 'Cheers' theme.

That last one shows you that this trio likes to have fun. 'Indie Wonderland' is (you guessed it) a take on 'Winter Wonderland', transformed into a grueling band's story, 'touring in the winter in a van.'
Last year, Spotify tells me, they released more Christmas-themed songs. This year, that EP is on Bandcamp and that's how I heard it. Of course I recognised that rather faithful Run DMC cover immediatly, the other two sounded like originals. But then, 'Santa is Real', that's almost like The Louvin Brothers 'Satan is Real'. You guessed it, they changed the lyrics (very, very well). Same goes for The Christmas Spirit, thats their seasonal take on the Louvin Brothers 'The Christian Life'.
Well done, fellas. I see you are on tour in The Netherlands in April. I might come down an' watch y'all play.