Tuesday, December 06, 2022

Short Cuts

Winona Project may have released songs with titles like 'I Can't Wait for Christmas to be Over', they can't WAIT for the season to start to release yet another Xmas themed EP. This sixties-tinged clap-along song, I'd say, is a highlight in the impressive oeuvre:

The lead single from the Photocopies Christmas EP is a minute long, and it's great:

Here's something else, a Swedish feedback guitar version of Stille Nacht:
Montreal-based Mirabelle is influenced by Cranberries (the band, not the berries) and Mazzy Star and released a friendly indie-tinged Christmas single in French:
Franco-Spanish pop singer November Ultra released a slow, sad Christmas single that fits right in the cascade of slow, sad Christmas singles that were released this year (this sounds like a dig, but it's actually a very sweet song): . There is a lyric video as well, that has region restrictions.