Thursday, December 22, 2022

The Big Christmas Mixes Appreciation Post (gets updated!)

Here's where we collect (links to) Christmas mixes. We will add more, so please come back and check! Want your mix added here? Holler in the comments. Find Guuzbourg's Best New Christmas Songs Spotify playlist HERE. CAGG Writer Marqui's playlist is HERE.

The grand wizard that we, mortals, call Stubby, had made his overstuffed double-cd mix. And as ever, as wizards do, it's chock-full of songs Stubby found at secret places and assumably got handed over at special gatherings. Who knows. Downloadable from HERE (direct link). Tracklist 'n stuff is all in there, or have a look below (click to enlarge):

Just one track from Stubby's mix, to give you a taste:

Ronny Hammond's Funky Xmas Mix is a recurring phenomenon on this blog, and we happily link to it every year:
Jim/Christmas Underground's mix is beauty (as always):

Andy von Pip's podcast is highly recommended:

Tutti Jackons' mix, very cool:

Find Richard George/@Grndhogday's downloadable mix (and earlier mixes) HERE

Isle of Lucy's mix got Prissteens and Liminanas, can't go wrong there

This promises The Bell & Hammer, Reindeer Tribe, so this must be OK:

LOTS of discoveries (for me) in this playlist by Jim Hoffman (there's also a YT playlist):

The yearly Blues Are Still Blue mix, with Christmas songs and winter songs, is HERE


Jim said...

Ninety years of Christmas music:

On Spotify:

YouTube Music is more comprehensive (but still incomplete):

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Anonymous said...

Hey, Please check out my mixes at JIMCO Records

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