Friday, December 16, 2016

Sleigh Shakers giveaway

Thanks to Santajan, this blog can give away THREE vinyl singles of The Sleigh Shakers Christmas single. All you have to do is email wat your idea of 'Christmas Hell' is. Maybe something out of your own experience? Don't forget to send your address too! Dringendgeval(a) is wide open right now.

AND THE WINNERS ARE: Harm Jan from Deventer (NL), Aaron from Kansas City (USA) and Rob from Ulverston (UK). Rob wrote the best definition of Jingle Hell:
On Christmas eve, we had take away food, and sure enough - my wife woke up on Christmas morning with vomiting and diarrhoea, and spent the rest of the day somewhere between the bedroom and the bathroom. Not so bad, except it left me with a 6 month old (nappies, feeding, crying, rocking to sleep etc) and a 2 year old kid that we'd just decided to toilet train 2 days earlier, which meant that we were restricted to staying in/near the house. Every time he wet himself, he'd get cross and grumpy, and this made for a truly magical atmosphere. By the time it came to tea, I was too tired to cook all the nice food that we had, so we ate chicken nuggets and frozen chips instead.
There it is - maybe not the worst that you can imagine, but after 14 hours of cleaning up wee and poo, and entertaining 2 small kids, it certainly felt like the worst Christmas ever!