Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Ho! Ho! Ho! Canada VII

Our German festive friends of Lie in the Sound called it already, and we're standing with them; The Line of Best Fit is raising the bar every year with their fantastic Ho! Ho! Ho! Canada compilations, it's touching the stratosphere by now. The highlights on this year's compilation (VII) are by Sportsfan, Dark for Dark, Quiet Parade, Hidden Cameras (who have Rufus Wainwright, Feist and Mary Margaret O'Hara in the choir!), Hannah Epperson (yes, her song for Snowflakes), PreNup (it's your signature song from now on, CU!), and that's just naming the extraordinary standout tracks. No stinkers on this one, folks.
Download from HERE. For some odd reason, Sportsfan re-named their track on their Bandcamp page.


DJ AC said...

I was at first wondering why the VII comp I previously downloaded didn't have the tracks you mentioned. Then I realized you're talking about this year's compilation, VIII. Cool!