Thursday, December 01, 2016

Expendable friend's Dachshund

EVERYTHING is spot on about this EP. The artist's name, the theme (highly critical about Christmas, tongue in cheek), the sparse instrumentation, the Kirsty MacColl-ish voice. I had to laugh really hard when the chorus of this song came:

Do try the other songs too. Expendable Friend is 'Jacqui + instruments', she's from Cambridge UK and has Gravenhurst, Neil Finn, Iron and Wine, Andrew Bird, and Mew among her fave artists. Which is nice.


kevinpat said...

Hahahahahahaha!! I'm sitting here in the morning sun with my dachshund at my feet. He doesn't have a Santa hat on, God forbid I try anything he might think as foolish! But he's here...and from now on he'll be forever known as "Dachshund! Dachshund! Dachshund!" That's a fun song! As always "Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!".