Friday, December 16, 2016

50 Best Christmas Songs Post Mariah

So, here it is. The list of best Christmas songs, released AFTER 'All I Want for Christmas'. Mariah' superhit is considered to be the last original Christmas classic. Which, of course, is reindeerpoop. At least 50 great Christmas songs were written and released after 1994. This list, made in collaboration with you guys, is the alternative to Pitchfork's rather unspired Top 50.
This is a Spotify playlist (and Deezer, and Apple Music), which means that a bunch of tracks weren't available. No St Etienne Christmas song (2020 EDIT: well, they're on Spotify now, so they can be included now), no Long Blondes, to name but a few. Still, these are 50 great tracks, no covers, just originals. If you can read Dutch, I wrote liner notes to every track, go HERE.


Lie In The Sound said...

Oh wow, you added two of my suggestions. Listening to Otis Redding at Home during Christmas – Okkervil River (2002) and Come On Santa – Raveonettes <3 <3 <3