Saturday, December 03, 2016


Stippenlift is Dutch producer/keytarplayer Hugo van der Poel, also part of Earth Mk II. Stippenlift (which translates as Stiplick) is his one-man project, just his slacker voice and synths. 'Zielig Kerstfeest' (Sad Christmas) is an EP featuring weepy Christmas songs about Christmas desire, but mostly about being alone, being afraid of Santa and the general annoyances one can experience at a Christmas dinner table. All songs are in Dutch, the EP's on Spotify and iTunes. I found a link to YouTube, but alas you cannot play the videos. I think his songs are kinda catchy, I really dig the Giallo-influenced, creepy 'De Kerstman', but I wonder if you get it when you don't understand Dutch.

Huilen (kerst) is an xmas version of the earlier released song Huilen. More Stippenlift here.