Sunday, December 18, 2016

A Die Hard Christmas

'Die Hard' is the greatest Christmas story ever told. That's not me, thats the guys from Scottish indie label 'Song, By Toad' saying that, 'though I don't disagree. They've released two Xmas songs with Die Hard as a theme, by eagleowl and Jonnie Common. And they'r both FAN TAS TIC. From the pressrelease:
Yippee Kay Yule is two songs inspired by the Greatest Christmas Story Ever Told (TM), which is of course Die Hard. It will be released on the 1st December on Song, by Toad Records as a tiny snow globe Christmas tree bauble containing Lego John McClane, with all revenue going to charities which support the work our governments should be doing, had we not had a collective idiot spasm in 2016 and elected all the wrong ones.
What is it that makes these two songs so glorious? Well they're played absolutely straight. There's no ironic indie Christmas nonsense here, just two absolutely fantastic, joyously silly servings of pure Christmas magic which are bound to become worldwide instant classics if there's any justice in the world whatsoever. Which, if 2016 has taught us anything... oh, wait.

Both songs are part of the massive, 37 song Home for the Holidays compilation. Read more about this on CU, or go HERE