Thursday, December 15, 2016

Blogroll (2)

A quick scan of songs posted on festive friends' blogs you really should hear:

'No we don't need to talk about anything/Just be together/Don't leave me hanging'. One of the most desperate (and gorgeous) Christmas songs ever, by Charlie's Hand Movements. It's short, but it stings (via CU):

Match Party's cover version of Christmas Time Is Here starts traditional, then pops an lsd tablet and things get out of hand beautifully (via Stubby):

'It's Christmas on the other side of the world/And I'm saving a plate should you ever come home again.' That's not good, right? But No Monster Club wrote a clangin' good song about 'the shittiest year' (via LitS)

A very cool Christmas song from 'Merry Christmas, Mr. Fields' the upcoming Christmas “video album” from Passion Pit frontman Michael Angelakos, former Harlem Shakes member Brent Katz, and director Hana Haley. The collection spans 15 tracks and is due to arrive this Friday, December 16th, through Frenchkiss Records. (via CoS)

Juliana Hatfield wrote a very VERY nice original Christmas song, 'Christmas Cactus' (via Stubby)