Thursday, December 03, 2020

The Eli Lillies

'With the right drugs, Christmas is the season of love', The Eli Lillies sing in this quite catchy, glamrocking song that will be out Friday. It's both funny AND serious.

About the song:
Singer/songwriter Louise Eatock from indie/folk band Flaming June wrote the anti-pill shaming song - Christmas is the Season of Love - in 2010 (a new verse was written to reflect the events of 2020) and it is based on personal experience. She had mentioned to guitarist and bassist Matt Newman that it would be good to record it for a number of years and in the middle of a pandemic in October 2020 a plan was hatched with drummer Toby Balson and Blue Barn Recording Studios to record the song with Sophie Gregory and Krysia Newman on backing vocals.
The band will be making a donation to mental health charities.