Sunday, December 03, 2023

Short Notes

UK indie band Little Red Ambulance are the good guys. This song (below) is their 11th annual original Christmas offering, raising money for a specialist cancer diagnostic center in Cornwall, and an air ambulance service for Cornwall and Scilly.

For this year, they let out their inner boyband personae. It's so catchy you might wanna seek out one of those old mouthmasks they lay around from the COVID days. LRA like their seasonal songs peppered with some laughs:
The song can be dowloaded from, and streamed on all the major platforms.

Talk about laughs, this song by Brit band Volk Soup was described by Martin/Stubby on The La as "it’s kind of like listening to a warped record at a speed that’s slightly off." Which fits the song, that IS about a Perfect Christmas.
Here’s what singer and lyricist Harry Jones has to say about ‘A Perfect Christmas’: ‘The desire to write a Christmas song was admittedly a cynical one. But the song itself is far from cynical. The primary reason to write a Christmas song was to potentially, at a long shot, achieve a number 1 hit. To be able to sit back on our royalties every year and have this once in-a-lifetime hit fund our entire careers.
That said, I didn’t want to write an anti-Christmas song or an ironic Christmas song. Not because of the lack of commercial prospects but because I do enjoy the season. I enjoy being with family, not working, giving and receiving. I like being with people who are enjoying all these things too."

It's on Bandcamp too.

UK's Candy Strypers were brought to my attention via the mighty Santapalooza. He unearthed this tv-dinner of a Christmas song:
Rejoice! This jinglejanglin' band just released a brand new, well, jinglin' janglin' Christmas song, that is a highlight on anyone's mix:
Luvleelou from Canada released a Christmas song that (to me) brings back late 90s vibes, in a Sixpence Non The Richer kinda way. Bubblegrunge, is the term they use themselves. Luvleelou;s a duo, Jeremy & Veronika, and I love the slighty depressed lyrics in this song: 'Christmas is sad again this year/I don't know why/But I don't mind/Being the one who's left behind'. Great glistening sax solo too.