Friday, December 08, 2023

Bony Macaroni has a hangover

Bony Macaroni once contributed to the Veluwsch Kerst Collektiev, but the collective sadly decided to stop celebrating Christmas back in 2021. And look: this year Bony Macaroni is releasing two Christmas singles by their own name. The first one is 'Christmas Mosquito Bites', see below. And although this cheerful track and corny video suggests otherwise, it lyrically has become a very sad, climate-critical song. Sounds much poppier than we are used to, but appearances can be deceiving. 

Fortunately, things can still go faster, screamier and harder for The Bony Boys. And more hungover as well, as you can hear on their second Christmas track this year: 'December 25th (the morning after)'. After loads of cigarettes and booze, this raging punk track (ft. All Dogs go to Heaven) is what we get from them this Christmas. Awesome song guys, so cheers and let's have another one! 

Insta here, their X over there.