Friday, December 15, 2023

Sorry we missed you

E-mail from Berlin! Hans from Grizzly Bird on his first festive single:
'This song is from the perspective of a parcel delivery clerk in Berlin. Against all myths of German efficiency, delivery companies in Berlin are mostly overworked and often do a very bad job at delivering anything. Since no one wants to do these jobs, it's usually immigrants that barely speak German and work under bad conditions.

While writing the song, I felt something Christmassy about it and even saw some parallels to the biblical stories. So I decided to make a version of it that's set during Christmas time and is a bit more upbeat.'

The song is (and I mean this in a good way) a drizzly indie-rock affair, with the right sombre atmosphere for the subject. Of course, there are links to movies like 'Sorry We Missed You' and several documentaries on delivery services. Plus, a protest song on Christmas, we're all for it.


Marqui said...

Spot on track!
(And what a great, disturbing bass sound.)