Friday, December 08, 2023

Marie-Annick Lépine's Noël Noël for cancer research

After the recent passing of Les Cowboys Fringants' Karl Tremblay, his better half and co-member Marie-Annick Lépine has released the song 'Noël Noël' with a children's choir to raise funds for cancer research. The children's choir of the Vieux Palais of L'Assomption, a city north of Montréal, has shows coming up for anybody in the area like my friends and family.

When Tremblay passed, the entire town was full of morners and in the spotlight for two whole days. A friend said to me, 'We have our own Père Lachaise cemetary now', as people from around Québec will travel to Tremblay's grave.

The funds raised with the song will go to cancer research. Again, R.I.P. Karl Tremblay.