Sunday, December 10, 2023

In Prison (1)

So, Bright Eyes recorded a version of that indestructible alt.Xmas classic, Christmas in Prison, with the voice of John Prine, who wrote and sang the original and who died in 2020. Proceeds go to chartiy:

John Prine's original:
MANY versions of Christmas in Prison, most stay very close to the original. This version I found starts with that PhilSpectorian boom-boomboom-tack drumintro. Very different, very good:
One more? Japanese ukelele-duo Petty Booka did a great version in 1996:

Christmas in Prison is a well-known theme in Christmas Music so (you guessed it, THEME POST TIME!) I dove into songs about the feast behind bars.
Let's kick off with the classics.
From 1928, and covered many times, this blues by Leroy Carr:
Covered a-many times too, from 1956, this doo-wop hit about a drunk and disorderly Xmas:
Probably up there at the same level als John Prine, this monument by Paul Kelly. A letter from jail:
Prison isn't mentioned, but you can guess why Daddy isn't present:
Over to the newer, rowdier stuff:
Very sad ballad from Cardiff: 'Prison at Christmas, it's just the worst place to be/because you get no presents, or love, or hope or family'. The ending is, well, an ending:

If you really really mess up, you'll get what you deserve:

Christmas in jail is bad, Christmas Eve in jail even harder:


Natasha said...

Québec's Damien Robitaille recorded one as well!