Sunday, December 03, 2023

Simon Kearney ft. Gabrielle Shonk - Until Christmas

What sounds like a warm and romantic duet by Simon Kearney featuring Gabrielle Shonk is in fact quite the opposite. 'Jusqu'à Noël' ('Until Christmas') is about a relationship that won't last the winter. It's really over, but thanks to the 'miracle of Christmas', they'll put up appearances for grandma's sake and pretend for a little while longer. Then they'll 'throw each other in the trash' and maybe stay friends. Ayoye! (Ouch, in Québec French).

Multi-intrumentalist Simon Kearney loves rock, pop and having a good time. He's known for covers of great Québécois acts and collaborations, like this number. Gabrielle Shonk rarely sings in French having an English-language career and a Juno Award (Canada's Grammys), but she can and it's lovely.