Saturday, December 02, 2023

Driving home with Yndling

Christmas songs also come in all sorts of guises. It's not that if there are no sleigh bells, church bells or other typically Christmassy sounds involved, that it can't be a true Christmas song. This enchanting 'Let's Have a Celebration' by Norwegian singer Yndling is a good example of that. No falalalas and rumpumpumpums where the treetops glisten, but a story about that special feeling when you're on your way home for the Holidays, packed in a smooth and a seductively sung dreampop Christmas track to slowly but surely fall in love with.
This track is one of seven at 'Local Love', a Christmas EP.  

Insta over there.


Guuzbourg said...

With a hat tip to Mr Christmas Underground for guiding us in Yndling's direction