Tuesday, December 05, 2023

Quimorucru - Christmas is supposed to be wonderful

Clearly with a Gaspesian flavour (think quaint fishing villages), Quimorucru, a French play on words that means 'who would have believed me?', plays some great Québec Christmas music, with the traditional feet tapping on a plate while playing. However, they are not in any mood to deal with Christmas, jokingly.

Our hero's wife is happy that the family is coming over but hates the perfume cloud of the women with way too much make up on and the idiot brother-in-law that drinks hitting on some aunt. There's also the kids that think Père Noël (Santa) brought them gifts, but our guy got left with nothing but empty pockets.

When everybody has f***ed off and the kids have gone to bed, our hero has some wine with his wife and Christmas starts up again. Aah.

Be sure to check out their swinging older material like Le gin de la vieille usine ('The gin from the old factory').