Friday, December 08, 2023

Pomme - Seasons' greetings from Montréal

French singer-songwriter Pomme from the Lyon region in France just dropped an EP called 'Saisons' ('Seasons') with songs about autumn and, of course, Christmas. In a recent interview, she mentions having been inspired during a spring visit to Montréal, Québec, where she put together her EP in three months. For the fans, she'll have a spring-summer EP dropping next year.

'_dec carte de noel' (yup, this is the spelling) is about unrequited love that hits you right in the gut and always hurts a bit more around Christmas time. The video goes all 'Love Actually' on the cue cards, but then again they add words to folks who might find reading helpful. Pomme's clear voice adds quite the poignancy to the lyrics, making what sounds like a bright take on the holidays more of a dark, personal moment.

Then, there's '_jan carte de noel', where Pomme's sadness has frozen in time. Go listen to both. Now.