Friday, December 01, 2023

Neon Christmas

Kitsch is part of Kristmas, of course. Come on. The key is the excess, the extravagance. You cán celebrate with just one small, naked tree and a tv dinner. But should you leave out all the lights, the ornaments, the silver and gold? Didn't think so.
This as an introduction to Wash Your Dirty Money With My Art, a Danish duo that I can find very little info about. Their SoundCloud is very extensive, with instrumentals, pop songs and three Christmas songs. One is called 'Merry Christmas James Blunt'. The most recent is this neon coloured, 80s reference grenade 'Xmas Love Affair'. On which one of the two WYDMWMA-guys does not hold back on the electronic drumbreaks:

Recently, I bumped on this Spotify playlist, called A Retrowave Holiday, with over 14 hours of neon coloured, 80s referencing, mostly electronic Christmas songs. Lots of covers (listen how The Northern Light out-80s Wham!), some originals. Including Dragon Inn 3, that was posted here too. And an artist called Miami Nights 1984, which is a great name that immediatly takes my brain to Don Johnson in his Ferrari on the Florida highways. Miama Nights 1984 released a Christmas EP last year, and if 'neon coloured' and '80s references' and 'electronics' are up your alley, you're in for a shoulder padded treat: