Thursday, December 14, 2023

More Office Christmas Party disasters

It won't be long before the office Christmas parties will start again, to the joy and sadness of many. Two weeks ago we had this post about those infamous parties, but there is much more. 

Commenter Brian Foss (thanks!) came up with supposably from Seattle, Washington in the previous post on this topic. 'At The Office Christmas Party' comes from their four-song Christmas EP from 2015 and it immediately gets out of hand because the cops were called and "I kissed somebody but I forget, It was the best Christmas yet". Ho ho ho!

But things don't always go wrong. The office Christmas Party is also being looked forward to. There is flirting, hands are secretly touched near the copy machine. Wyldest seductively sings away the longing in a beautiful, sultry song.

This brand new track by Doormats from Manchester, UK show us that there is more in a party than just getting drunk, because they just wanna dance, dance, dance at the Office Christmas Party.

Clearly written way before #metoo by Jeff MacDougall in 2008, so, well, here it is: Becky The Office Party Drunk Girl. (Don't say we didn't warn you.)

Still there? Then let's end a bit decently with this folky kind of ode to the Office Christmas Party by Brooke Parrott from London.