Wednesday, December 13, 2023

Arigatou SiNT!

Only three hits for 'Japan' on the blog, but today we add number four. And what a song this is! SiNT from Japan delights us with a truly wonderful indierock Christmas cracker that sounds as hurried as if he's chased closely by Santa's reindeer. But the truth is even more cruel, because (hurray for DeepL) the love is over, no more presents on Christmas Day. A great 'n gritty song, a-like the also Japanese band Shonen Knife, who seemed to have a patent on this kind of tracks over ten years ago. And also reminiscent of that beautiful album 'Fantasma' from 1997 by Cornelius (Japanese too).
If this is how the Japanese underground handles Christmas music, then I'll suggest to move over the CAGG headquarters next year and find out more.


Jim said...

While in Japan, it may be worthwhile to search youtube for:

L'Arc~en~Ciel「Hurry Xmas」-Music Clip-

for a J-pop treat and lots of drinking Santas (and watch for the nearly hidden animation).

Guuzbourg said...

DARN this is good stuff.