Wednesday, December 13, 2023

Short Notes (continued)

Like a flash in the night, singer/violinist Illicit Ghost treated us to a new and VERY good Christmas song (here's one from 2020). Ethereal, tender, short, sad: 'Sometimes I dream you'll pick me up for one last silent ride/Cigarettes on the dash/Man, the smell of smoke it always takes me back/Christmas day is not the same/I just want it back the old way'. O man.

In the mood for some fun? Sexy fun? Portland, Oregon's Christmas Crackers put all their earlier danceable xmas tunes on one EP, and added some extra luuuurve:

From the 5th A Billsdon Christmas compilation, released by UK label Aldora, this Wall of Sound(ish) track with choirs, bells, and parlandos. Love it:
Italian blog Memoria Polaroid dropped their annual festive compilation, with very strong songs. This highly charming addition to the Christmas in Space theme is lovely. Try the Baseball Greg, her skin and Setti songs too:

Bells. Reverrrrrrb. Angelic voices. No words, but yes, piercing organs is fine. It's all here!