Friday, December 22, 2023

old punks never die

After almost 50 years in The Damned, their guitar player Captain Sensible can still surprise us. In 1983 he made the cult Xmas single 'One Christmas Catalogue'.

Now he's back with some old punk friends from The Damned and Johnny Moped in The Sensible Gray Cells. They created this great and jolie anti Xmas song:'A Stupid Xmas', with an even greater video:

Another former punk, John Robb from the Membranes and now a resepected journalist, rereleased his Xmas single from 2008, made under the name Goldblade. It has been newly mixed bij Youth and the parts of  Poly Styrene and sax player Laura Logic (both X Ray Specs) are more prominent now:
Is Lenny Kaye an old punk?  No. Better... he's a proto punk. He played with Patti Smith and gave us the great garage punk compilation 'Nuggets'. 'Santa's Knee' is not a raunchy song as you might expect but a slow and a bit jazzy song. But worth to give it some more listenings, because it has been long since we heard something new from him: