Wednesday, December 06, 2023

Even more Office Christmas Parties

Yesterday there was this post on pen pin, looking for love at a Christmas office party. It ended with the question why there are so few other good songs on this theme. But boy, was I wrong. Get ready for some screamingly out of hand or otherwise special parties. 

Let's kick off with blog regulars Vista Blue, who went on this theme in 2015. They got an iPod at the party, but: "Things are worse than they were before, I took a quick trip to the liquor store". Nuff said.
Next up is Office Christmas Party (an update of Merry Xmas Everybody) by Goddammit Jeremiah. Let's pretend we're having fun.

Weirdness galore at Neil Hamburger's Office Christmas Party from 2007.

This one's so sweet ... "Last week I asked to borrow your stapler, just to feel your hand in mine". But don't let yourself be misled, because "And now the party’s here. We’re standing with our beers by the pool table, and you're holding hands with our manager even though your facebook status says that you’re single."
So sad, so beautiful, what else could we've possibly expect from a track that derives from an album with a title like this: 'It's Going to Be an Awkward Christmas, Darling'. Merry Christmas Helen Arney.

Christmas Underground (thanks!) came up with this one: 'One Turkey Sandwich' by Vom Vorton and I quote "Well, the night goes on and the drinking increases, and some poor decisions are made ... though it doesn't get too unbelievable to not be relatable."

The Davenports recorded this beautiful 'Whore for the Holidays' in 2005 and it's about, in short, an office slut. Can't put it in a better way.

Let's speed up a little for this one. Soft Pretzel from Philadelphia hopes to kiss somebody at the Christmas Party, so all dreams come true. Cool danceable indie track.
Lowering from London hits it where it hurts in his review of the Christmas party, because "No-one wants to hear about next year's financial plans. They want to get drunk, cut loose and dance to Wham. They can't relax until you get up and go. That's the loneliness of the CEO". Spot on acoustic track.

Love Hotel doesn't live up to its name in their 'Office Party Tonight!', as they sound quite angry and noisy for two minutes.

Plastic Jeezus from Bournemouth, came up with this bright and cheerful track, full of bells, ukulele and smooth singing, but beware: "Tina, the cleaner, Was dancing so dirty, She couldn't have been obscener, While Ruby, the newbie, Is sat on Hector's lap, And she's rolling up a doobie."

The Santa's Boys wish they were at an office Christmas party with Michael Scott (from the NBC sitcom The Office). They do it in a poppy, electronic way with lots of auto-tune.

The Teen Reynolds end this series by now with an awesome, raunchy track ánd video with drunken speeches, boobs being photocopied, champagne drinking out of shoes, guns being showed and many more. 1965, a Christmas year to remember. 

Merry fucking Office Christmas Party Everybody! 



MP said...

Hey, thanks for sharing! Ours (Vista Blue) is based on a season two episode of the U.S. version of The Office! We did an updated full-band version a few years ago, which can be found on our recent Christmas Collection, vol. 2.

Thanks for all the support here! Love the site!

Brian Foss said...

I LOVE your site - I lift songs from ya every year!
I assume you know this one -

Keep on keeping on!

Hamptonoid said...

I commend this to the house, from the great Light Organ Records' Our First Christmas