Saturday, December 09, 2023

Short Notes (again)

After a slow start, the REALLY good Christmas songs are pouring in this season. Here's a round-up of five beauties:

Hats off to Christmas Underground for passing on this BANGER of a Christmas pop song, by Australia's Ashley Jefferies. Some Fleetwood Mac-influences there. Cool lyrics too (should I add this to the Shit Christmas theme posts?) Tis not the first Xmas song Ashley did, this one is more introvert.

LOUD, foul-mouthed and with a big hook, this emo xmas track: More relaxed, this beachy, bossanova-tinged song (not a cover) by Texans Summer Salt. VERY good:

Take this waltz, for tis a very cool weeper (and a highlight on the Jange Bells compilation)
Also thanks to Jim/CU, we found the Danish collective Dødens Garderobe, a trio that invites guests every year to make a Christmas album. On their ELEVENTH (yes) album, you find this brilliant crooner:
With 11 albums, there is a lot to digest. I'm sure you have never heard The Little Drummer Boy done like a death march. Dødens Garderobe are an eclectic bunch. We might return to them later.