Friday, December 29, 2006

See you next year!

See you Christmas 2007!
Mordi from Blowupdoll - Christine from SpikedCandy - Bruno from Schlocker - Guuzbourg from Filles Sourires - Roy from Germans Under Cover - Brainwerk from Check The Cool Wax - Erik from Earth Goes Around - Wouter from The Blues Are Still Blue and me !


Unknown said...

GOsh I am waiting !!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hope somebody set the alarm. It's time to wake up for Xmas 007!

Anonymous said...

Doh! WHat torture to come to this blog, seeall the great songs, and not be able to hear any of them. I wish I'd found this last year.

Ernie said...

Christmas is here!!!

Anonymous said...

Already longing for Santa? Wanna get into the right Christmas spirit? Then... while waiting for something to happen here, hurry up to the myspace page below. The Christmas tune of 2007 has just been uploaded there;-)

Anonymous said...

Speaking of Christmas 2007!
HEY EVERYONE! Check out the new Holiday Single from David Martin called “Fa La La La In Love.” I was browsing the web last week when I stumbled across this single. His voice is amazing and his sound reminds me of Maroon 5. I think this guy is going to be real big and you’re hearing it first! I found his webpage at CHECK IT OUT!!!!!