Saturday, December 16, 2006

Chappy Chanukkah

A plus D - Give the Jew Girl Toys (Trio vs. Sarah Silverman)
dj BC - Chanukkah Song (GoyiMix)
DJ Flack - Dreidle Bells
Electric Menorah - Oh Chanukkah Bush
South Park - The Lonely Jew on Christmas
Summersault - Shalom Haverim
The Always Dangerous Steven Garvey - Dreidle, Dreidle, Dreidle
Tom Lehrer - Hanukkah in Santa Monica

Chappy Chanukkah


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the great Channukah songs. I love Tom Lehrer. "Give the Jew Girl Toys" is a gem. There are some very twisted versions of Jewish holiday classics at
Happy holidays!