Thursday, December 14, 2006

White Christmas

As the effects of Global Warming will, among other niceties, be wiping about half of all European ski resorts off the map within the next few years, the romantic little dream of a "White Christmas" as celebrated in Irving Berlin's classic Christmas carol will become even more valid than before. So here's three beautiful (if rather off-beat) covers of the song: Corporal Blossom's version combines various recordings of said tune by, among others, Louis Armstrong, Elvis and Bing Crosby. As none of the samples have been cleared, the track was never actually released but appeared on Stay Free Magazine's brilliant Illegal Art Compilation. Berlin's lovely Barbara Morgenstern laid down a completely computer-generated but none the less quite cosy version, sampling bits of Ray Anthony (or is it Herb Alpert?) and a sweetly jubilating children's choir, while Miss Frenchie chimes in with a "remix" (which can be found on DJBC's excellent Santastic II: Clausome Christmas mash-up comp), setting Berlin's Xmas ditty to a delicious electro beat.


Anonymous said...

Hey guys! I've really enjoyed your blog. I wanted to contribute this strange, swinging-1960s version of Les Anges dans nos campagnes. I believe it's from France. I think it's perfect for this blog.

I found it on Limewire. There's no artist name, except for "MIKE" attached right to the end of the title.