Friday, December 08, 2006

Nice 'n' Easy does it

Here are 5 nice and cheesy christmas gems:
Drive > in Presents: Easy Tune vol.2, X-mas edition

Johnny Diamond - Lonely Christmas
The Skyliners - X-mas Shopping
Olga Jankovski - Blues Noël
The In-Tunes - Easy
Juan Wells - Merry Christmas

Don't let the tracklist foor you: all tracks are written and produced by Dutch DJs Gerry Arling and Richard Cameron, before they called themselves Arling & Cameron.

Have yourself a Nice & Easy Christmas!


Anonymous said...

Very nice, thank you, bedankt!

Anonymous said...

how do you download it?

Erik said...

Here's an alternative link to download:

Ton Rückert said...

Doesn't work either, sadly...