Tuesday, December 19, 2023

Christmas A Go Go Spectacular (2)

So, how was it?

The second edition of the Christmas A Go Go Spectactular in the Amsterdam Paradiso had all the classics. Joni Mitchell's River, on solo piano, by Stephanie Struijk. A very tender Feliz Navidad with a fraction of Silent Night, by Will Knox & néomí. Pogues' Fairytale of New York, aptly crowned by our host Santajan als 'the best Christmas song ever written', in a rowdy version by Ro Halfhide & his henchmen. Introduced by Ro as the 'the family members everybody says about: 'oh no, not them again!'. There was Melanie Ryan with a very cheerful Rocking Aroud the Christmas Tree. And, on solo banjo, Lo! How a Rose e'er Blooming by the ever brilliant S.Lois.

And there were other classics. Marike Jager kicked off with Come Together by The Beatles, 'because nobody really knows what the song is about, so it might as well be Christmas'. Milène van der Smissen had us all grasping for a tissue with her fantastic rendition of Coat of Many Colours by Dolly Parton. Not a Christmas song, no, but with the Christmas spirit allright. And we had Rick Buur and his personalized and translated versions of classics-to-be Christmas at the Airport by Nick Lowe, and a fantastic and very up to date Kerstmis op het Binnenhof, his take on Steve Earle's Christmas in Washington.
And then, after Melanie Ryan (pictured on the left) had us all smiling with her own Christmas songs, after Marike Jager had us al in awe with her hurdy gurdy, that played the music of a song she wrote after a tale told by Tim Burton. After Stephanie Struijk made us all think back to that first overwhelming love when she debuted a fresh new Dutch Christmas song on nót spending Christmas together with the love of your life, and Ro Halfhide had us all in marmelade skies with his psychedelic new Xmas song. And after néomi & Will Knox had us all choked up with their fantastically sung Christmas Song, after all that, it was time for The Slow Clock.

Harmen Kuiper, Slow Clock-mastermind, promised us a 'karaoke/playback' performance, and a remix of his song Christmas in a Bottle. Enter Marieke, dressed in a bright red body suit, a Japanese coat and red boots. She struck a pose. And another. And another. While all the time Slow Clock Christmas songs were playing. With movie quotes in between. And yes, there was that remix, also with the 'Gloria in excelsis deo' chorus that lights up Christmas in a Bottle.

And then, it was over. That was it. A classic ending to a classic evening.