Monday, December 11, 2023

The 50 Bestest New Christmas Songs of 2023

...according to Guuzbourg, but with help from the other elves of CAGG. Because the input for this playlist (made every year for playlist platform was, as always, a team effort.

Spotify link HERE

So, what kind of Christmas music year this was? Well, the stream of new releases is still unbelievably wide. Enormous. A LOT of newly released songs. More and more (bland) mainstream, more countrypop it seemed. And the weepers! I already made a post with remarkable misty eyed Xmas songs, but there were more.

And the covers, of course. The usual canon, because what's Christmas season without rehashing the ol' classics, but the 60th birthday of Roy Orbison's Pretty Paper was also a taken as a hint for a bunch of people to do their own version. Their was weird stuff (Doedens Garderobe new album, Second Hand Orchestra, both not in this playlist but featured on this blog). And I think I speak for a lot of Christmas music fans when I call Lights by Darling West THE bestest Christmas album of the year: self-penned tracks, Norwegian folksy Christmas tunes and some well-chosen ol' faves, including Gordon Lightfoot's Song for A Winter's Night. A nice tribute to the maestro, who left this eart in May 2023.


Have I Weather said...

Wow! Our little song has been included as well! So proud of that. Thanks! Thanks! Thanks!