Thursday, December 07, 2023

Happy Birthday Tom Waits

Happy 74th birthday mr Tom Waits, writer of a gorgeous is-it-a-Christmas-song-or-not-who-cares song, 'Christmas Card from a Hooker in Minneapolis', arguably the greatest song ever to mention Little Anthony & the Imperials.

We posted cover versions earlier, including the rilly cool ones by Neko Case, Magnapop and Kinky Friedman. I think Tom Waits covers are best when sung by women; the lyrics shine, nobody tries to imitate anyone. I've scanned the usual sources and came up with this VERY good cover (video), by Carrie Meyers and the Proper Way. Her voice is trained, but she adds that right little gritty edge, love that electric piano:
Also very good, but translated to 'Valentine's Day' in German:
In Hebrew:
In Italian:
The oddest cover version is an instrumental, by our friend Kristian Noel Pedersen:
Version in Dutch, really well translated, with a nod to Donald Jones and Annie MG Schmidt:

Want more? Here is a Spotify playlist with more female sung versions.