Friday, December 15, 2023

Buried in Coal, Stephen Brodsky

How 'bout some GUITARS?! Metal up your Christmas, anyone? How about some Buried in Coal, a 'Post-Metal Christmas Family Band' that just released their 2nd seasonal album. Says BiC's Seth Scantlen in the liner notes of the 1st album:
Because I’m bad about getting music out in the world and actually finishing it up and putting a bow on it; My kids tend to hear what I’m working on a lot more than anyone else. They’ve also been harassing me about making a Christmas song. One morning on the way to school while I was listening to the Post metal project I’ve been working on, my six-year-old Zola, began to sing “Christmas time, Christmas time is here” over one of the songs. And so “Buried in Coal” was born in early December and the race to tie up the lyrics and record began so we could have it out for y’all before sweet baby Jesus’s birthday. Really hope you enjoy this serious yet silly project.
Oh, and I do enjoy his 'silly project'; the kids singing Happy Xmas (War is Over) to brooding music, is both funny and charming. But the track that really sticks out is this one. I really wasn't aware I needed such a song this year, but BiC convinced me. With decibels:
While we're on a post-metal tip, I'm also very enamoured with this song, by Stephen Brodsky (also in the band Cave In). This starts easy, then various elements are introduced and it works to a majestic finale. If you need some antidote to the fragile, weepy ballads this year, here's one: