Wednesday, December 20, 2023

Five more short notes

The flow of Christmas songs on platforms such as Bandcamp and SoundCloud seems almost endless. But it still remains a good search for what is really worth it.
Five short notes. 

Ryann Barnes from California starts her song delicately with piano and acoustic guitar that transition into a calm beat and soundscape, while her snow-soft, slightly hoarse voice sings about waiting for Santa. Because she still believes. On Christmas Eve. (Too bad it stops so suddenly, we weren't done listening yet.)

As long as you do it convincingly, it doesn't have to be complicated and Mother May I has understood that well with this uncomplicated Christmas banger. The power lies in the simplicity. This is an updated version of a song from 1994 (!).

The Winter Sounds recorded 'Ghosts of Christmas Present', a Christmas EP with poppy eighties synths and electronic beats. This one, 'Christmas Eve, 1988', is catchy, festive and just short enough to not get boring.

From the Christmas compilation album of the Lila School of Bands ("Launching Future Rockstars") in Auckland, New Zealand, this fresh indie banging pop track (with no Xmas connection, 'sfar as I can hear) from the youngsters of Bittersweet.

And finally, for those who love Christmas, polka, schlager, blues, ska, country and sleigh rides (and let's be honest: who doesn't), there is Howard Alan (well, Giant Saint-head honcho Howe Gelb really) and his Lowrey Organ. An entire album, in fact. And an update of last year's album, with the same songs (but better sound quality).