Thursday, December 21, 2023

Short Notes (cont.)

Continuing our short notes on new(ish) songs:

Joni Mitchell's River in Norwegian, gentile & jazzy? But of course: From the second Christmas album by Jul På Sunnmørsk, with self-penned songs, traditionals and more translated Xmas classics. Easy listening jazz, with a prominent harmonica (Toots Thielemans vibes) and lovely vocals.

From 2022, this powerpop track by Newyorkers Movie Movie, that because of the twanging guitar sounds a little like Pretenders' Kid.

Could be that Deer Tick thought, well, the two oddball bluesy Xmas tracks we released in 2010, we can't do better than that. So let's just cover a Darlene Love track, with an accordion. We don't know. Could be.
Melbourne's Department of Creative Affairs release a Christmas song every year from 2016 on, and somehow they were never featured on this blog. They change style every year, from indie soul to country to (this year) Ramones-y pop punk:
From 2018, but I heard it on this recent compilation, Houseghost with a loud rawking winter song:
Brand new, this ultra short, anti-gift statement by Dutch visual artist and and former member of the band Cords, Marc Fabels: