Tuesday, December 05, 2023

pen pin is looking for love

They are famous, or perhaps rather infamous: the Christmas drinks at work that got out of hand. But Jeni Magana and Emily Moore, who together form the indie pop duo pen pin from sun drenched L.A., California, are looking forward to it with a special reason: they're looking for love!  
From the 'sadly overlooked last year, but shouldn't be unheard' category comes this funny little Christmas song full of delicate sleigh bells. In 'Office Party' pen pin wants something really specific from Santa: a work crush. Maybe John, who always brings the coffee, or maybe someone else? But no, unfortunately all the men at work are already married. It results in a song that may have somewhat sad lyrics, but they turn it into a great kinda beachy track, fresh and fruity and with a touch of surf and melancholy. 

And isn't it strange that there aren't many more Office Party Christmas songs? If you know some, drop 'em in the comments please and maybe our chief Themed Posts at CAGG can bake a new post out of it. 

pen pin Insta here, their X over there.


Guuzbourg said...

There's the great Office Christmas Party (an update of Merry Xmas Everybody) by Goddammit Jeremiah, arguably the greatest office Xmas song ever. Vista Blue made one (of course they did). Brooke Parrot's folksy ode (sort of). And there is of course that classic "A Moment of Crushing Existential Dread at the Office Christmas Party" by Delightful Young Men.

Natasha said...

Québec's biggest comedy group, Rock et Belles Oreilles (RBO), have an office party song, C'est Nono Noël (Christmas is stupid) already featured on this blog in 2021! Just because it's not in English, doesn't mean it doesn't exist :) https://christmasagogo.blogspot.com/2021/12/1980s-quebec-christmas-comedy.html

Anonymous said...

Office Party by The Opposite Ends. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z8djOgMfGZw