Wednesday, November 22, 2023

Dragon Inn 3

Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin. Still a great bandname. The American indie rock band had their finest moments in the early 00's, and stopped making records in 2015. Dragon Inn 3 is a spin-off; In 2012, SSLYBY-singer Philip Dickey wrote the theme song for a short film, Ghoul School, a teen horror-comedy hybrid told through an ’80s look and feel. This synth-centric instrumental eventually doubled as a jumping-off point for Dragon Inn 3. Their music is coming from the same pond as the soundtrack to 'Drive' and 'Stranger Things'.

For this season, DI3 released a covers EP, featuring a happy/sad synth-version of 'Last Christmas', a version of Snowflake Music (from the Rushmore soundtrack) and a really cool version of 'It's Christmas'. The original was written and played by actor Jason Schwartzman under his Coconut Records moniker, from 2010's 'The Christmas Gig' compilation (we did a post about the album, HERE).
I really like the sythesized version, the neon colours suit the song very well:
Not the first cover, this gentle version is nice too: