Saturday, November 11, 2023

Count down 'till Christmas with Peaness

Don't let them be misunderstood. Peaness has "more hooks, charm and depth than a dozen identikit indie-boy bores" and I'd like to add some real Christmas swag to that, as they managed to record an instant Christmas banger with Kiss Me Sweet Pea.
This festive indie-pop track starts with the well known Christmas sleigh bells and then goes up a gear with tinkling guitars and catchy harmonious singing that is distantly reminiscent of the early Bangles. 

Now let us count down the days 'till Christmas together with these three girls from Chester, England. Whooo! (And don't forget to check out their great second Christmas original 'Sad Season' too.) 

This track is one of few new Christmas tracks on 'Jangle Bells', a soon to be released Rough Trade Christmas compilation. 

Insta over there and their X over there.