Friday, November 17, 2023

Marike Jager

It has been far too long since we welcomed Marike Jager to our blog. Back in 2011 she recorded a cheerful and damn good cover of 'Frosty The Snowman' which was accompanied by a touchingly sweet home-made video, but after that there were no more Christmas releases. But it's been twelve years now and luckily, she's back on Christmas track! The Dutch singer-songwriter has written a wonderfully glowing and acoustic Christmas song full of love and with delicate choirs in the background, that beckons and longs for being together just one more time. She accompanies herself on guitar and with an occasional honky tonk piano tune, making it feel so intimate, it's almost as if you're right there on the couch with her. And yes, you heard right, there's nod to Mr. Presley there.

"Stay with me
Let us curl on the sofa
Oh baby, hold me tight
Love me one more night
It's Christmas"

We wouldn't even dare refuse.