Sunday, November 26, 2023

Holy Shit It's Christmas (3)

Continuing our themed posts on 'Shit' and 'Christmas' (HERE, and HERE for the others), this time it's all adjectives:
Christmas can be boring, and if you write a song about it, it could turn out as great as this indie rocker:
Not getting that one gift for Christmas, makes you wanna ROCK OUT
Damaris Phillips letting out her crooner diva, for a bluesy acoustic track:
'Christmas can be shit/When you lost someone'. Sarah sings a sad sad song:
Hawaiian punk band, who enlightened the world with their 'Merry Christmas Joey Ramone' song back in 2021. In this track they remember the dark COVID days, hoping next Xmas will be better:
Ruining Christmas for everyone, Irish folkballad style:
Gezebelle is in a relationship crisis too, accepting even socks as a Christmas gift, if only (nice vintage drumcomputer sounds!):
Great find this one, never heard it before. Love the 90s indies vibe in this song:
Cool cover of that Royal Bangs track:
There is more! Most (not all) songs from the posts + extras are in this Spotify playlist


Christmas Underground said...

Royal Bangs made a mix a number of years ago! Great song!!