Friday, November 17, 2023


Question: Is Leonard Cohen a Christmas artist? His (edited) song Hallelujah is - for it is covered on many Christmas albums. I saw this YouTube compilation. And come to think of it, songs like If It Be Your Will or You Want It Darker ('Vilified, crucified/In the human frame/A million candles burning/For the help that never came') have a certain Christmassy feel.

Another question; is Anita Ward's Ring My Bell a Christmas song? There's a bell involved, sure. But it's pretty easy to spot that the song is about sex. Christmas & Sex, what a combination. We should to a themed post ab...oh wait.

A deep Cohenned voice + sex and disco, that's where Discohen comes in: the project of Dutch duo Tejje Venema & Pim van de Werken. In 2016 they found out that Tejje could sing really low, like Leonard. And that it was really funny AND cool if he sang certified dance classics like Donna Summer's Hot Stuff and Divine's Shoot Your Shot inna Lenny Cohen stylee. And oh yeah, change (in the lyrics of 'Ring My Bell;) 'dishes' into 'tissues'. A full album and an EP were released. Sure, it's a joke, but Tejje & Pim are also very serious. This is good stuff.

Side note: Cohen himself did one disco'ish track, Don't Go Home With Your Hard On, certainly not a Christmas song.

Back to now. For tis season, Discohen remixed 'Ring My Bell', added a fierce church bell, and see: it's gothic, it's sexy, it's a song to hear between red velvet sheets. You want it darker? If that be your will: