Monday, November 13, 2023

Lonely Christmas Calls And Candy Canes

Always a good idea to start the week with some nice Christmassy powerpop rock tunes. And you can leave that to Geoff Palmer, the one you might know for his contributions to punk band The Guts. Don't come over to Geoff for difficult stuff, but when it comes to write or re-write a solid song, you can leave it up to him. 'Lonely Christmas Call' is a cover of the George Jones classic from 1962 and shows more of Geoffs introspective side. The second one, 'Cocktails and Candy Canes' is a festive original, more up-tempo, more bells, more booze, more stolen kisses from underneath the mistletoe.
(But what about that Clockwork Orange-a-like artwork?)

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