Sunday, November 05, 2023

Doesn't Feel Like Christmas

'Doesn't Feel Like Christmas' is very sweet, sad song by Lily Williams, released a few days ago. When I heard it (thanks to Hip Christmas) I thought: I KNOW this! Heard this one before. Turned out, I did, because I spotted it on Soundcloud earlier on.

Anyhoo, before that sank in, I was furiously googlin' the title, and a lotta songs came up. Here's a pick of old & new(er) songs that DO feel like Christmas, but claim they don't. Because you/he/she isn't here/there.
Most songs are tender, have a pop feel and draw inspiration from folk and Americana. This is just a selection, there are a lot more songs with this title (there's only one that DOES feel like Christmas, btw). Left out Rob Thomas, Stephanie Mills and Claire Bea (tho that last one is beauty)

Toad the Wet Sprocket, 90s indie'ish rock darlings, released this solid song ten years ago:
Also charming & sweet, this Canadian popfolk duo:
From 2013, with a 60s girl group feel. No idea who or what 'Ft Wonder' is or were. It's a cover of this Sam Phillips track:
Friend of the blog KNP also has a sweet song that sure does feel like Christmas (it's a cover of this Winterval track):
EXCELLENT stuff! Power pop drums, harmonized vocals, from 2004 (and re-recorded later on):
Acoustic, and very nice, this by Mara Connor (from a very versatile Christmas compilation I had not heard earlier):