Saturday, November 04, 2023

Halloween & Christmas

We LOVE themed posts, and when Jim suggested (in the comments) there are a-many songs about Halloween & Christmas, we took a dive. Note: I left out the hiphop and instrumentals. And all the This is Halloween (from the Nightmare before Christmas) covers.

This one, posted earlier, by Anna Vaus, is the kick-off for this themed post. She's visiting her hometown at Christmas, finds very few has changed and that feels scary, like Halloween:
This lot from NYC brings the two featst together in an uptempo, rock 'n roll way. Santa hangs with his dark mistress, it's Halloween with Christmas Trees:
All I Want For Christmas is a Time Machine, to bring me back to Halloween:
Screeching guitars in this brooding track:
Why not make it a game? Xmas vs Halloween (with guitars and lotssss of reverrrrrb)
This is a cover version of THIS psych-era BeeGees song, by a band with Clem Burke (Blondie),former BeeGees-guitarist Vince Melouney and a few other psychrock-bandmembers:
In Dutch, we call this 'rammel-pop', it clunks like a trashcan, but in a good way:
Streamlined, beats-heavy pop, to make a point:
How Halloween gets a changeover, bluegrass-style:
Rockabilly, Stray Cats-style. Sounds a bit like the Giftshop track, but it's not the same:
Ten years old, still a stomper (with added Batman-vibes!):
Let's turn that up to ELEVEN:
Taking a nod from Christmas Underground (hi Jim!), and cheating just a little, this VERY cool pop noir track, that 'bridges the gap between Christmas and Halloween', a spooky Xmas song: >


Jim said...

Wow. This post is even better than I imagined!
I especially love the Ricardo Autobahn and never heard that weird/great Bee Gees song before.