Monday, November 20, 2023

Melanie Ryan

Name one better reason to write a Christmas song while you're in a songwriting session together with Judy Blank halfway March and it suddenly starts snowing. There isn't one. And so Dutch singer-songwriter Melanie Ryan and Judy did, they wrote an original Christmas track for this year at that very moment.
Now regular visitors of this blog know very well that we hold Judy Blank in high regard here, so the omens were good and it did turn out well.
Melanie describes her music as 'braided style country', where pop meets folk, meets country, meets americana. Her beautiful, crystal clear voice brings all these styles together with great ease and naturalness, making it a style all her own. 

Oh and we know and immediately admit it: true romance doesn't always dominate here on CAGG, but with this one from Melanie we more than make up for that. Her beautiful warm and sensitive song 'Everything I Need Is Here' subtly shows what life is really all about and so also during Christmas. Now light up that fireplace! 

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More Melanie in a Christmas mood on YouTube (her song Snowflakes)